Pests, Diseases & Weeds

Pests, diseases and weeds present an on-going threat to nursery production systems; costing grower’s time, money and resources to prevent and control. Pest disease and weeds directly impact product quality and market access for growers and can potentially have flow on effects to the broader nursery industry, other plant based industries and the broader environment.


A number of resources are available to assist growers in meeting their pest, disease and weed management requirements these are detailed below:

Pest and Disease Fact Sheets – A range of highly detailed fact sheets of prominent pests and diseases of the Australian Production Nursery Industry. Click HERE to access

Pest and Disease Management Plans – A series of more highly detailed guide for production nurseries on the management of specific pests or diseases. Click HERE to access

Pest and Disease Contingency Plans – With threats from a range of exotic plant pests, industry has developed a number of threat specific contingency plans to assist in the event of an incursion. Click HERE to access