BioSecure HACCP

Nursery Industry Biosecurity Program

BioSecure HACCP is the industry specific biosecurity program designed to assist NIASA accredited businesses in assessing their current and future pest, disease and weed risks. BioSecure HACCP is a set of protocols and procedures that provides the business with a systematic approach to assess on farm biosecurity hazards and responsibilities and how to best manage these.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the world recognized standard in risk management processes. It is a formal process of risk/hazard identification, nominated risk control points and a verification process used to consistently manage threats to the production cycle

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BioSecure HACCP Certification: Safeguarding the integrity of the Australian Nursery and Garden Industry that provides businesses with:

Guidelines for implementation of biosecurity risk management strategies.

Processes that protect businesses from internal and external biosecurity threats.

Assistance for growers in meeting their broader obligations.

Independent audits, guidance and technical support from Nursery Industry Development Officers


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